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Welcome to Custom Performance Kit.

Any dedicated sports person will tell you that great wins are born of great dedication, desire and confidence.

If you're committing your sweat, blood and tears, then let us commit to giving your performance an image that will stand you apart from the competition.

Ensuring that your team looks and feels great with our exclusive range of high quality performance sportswear will surely get you off to the right start in any race.

Experienced in creating your image

CPK specialises in producing affordable and custom made kits across a wide spectrum of athletic disciplines. Operating through the UK and parts of Europe, we have been responsible for supplying team kit for many international athletes and teams. We take pride in our work, just like you take pride in your performance.

Our production boasts the highest quality materials, along with the industry proven specification, giving you professional printing and embroidered designs in complete range of colours and sizes.

Get the most from our website

Whether you wish to just have kit to match your team colours or you are looking to replicate an existing design with the inclusion of brand sponsors and trimmings, we can create a kit that will perform every time.

Our website brings you our stunning collection of sportswear for cycling, running, triathlon, sports event merchandise and much more.

Start your pursuit of a great look and find the kit to match your performance. For more information and advice, or to order by telephone, please give one of our friendly team a call today on 0203 286 2307