Where can you find CPK in 2014?

Following a very sucessful 2013, we've busy planning the 2014 season to bring our products closer to our customers. We have an action packed year for events and trade shows, so we are pleased to announce our attendance at:

1. F3 Events - January - October 2014 - F3 Events are the leading event organisers in the Thames area with a vast range of cycling, triathlon, running and duathlon events catering for all abilities. Fast friendly events from F3!

2. L'Eroica Britannia - June 2014

3. Birmingham NEC CYCLE SHOW - September 2014

4. Eurobike - Aug 2014 (Pella Sportswear)

We will be attending with extensive ranges of custom cycling clothing, the stylish Pella clothing lines and of course the beautiful hand made Hersh bikes. 

1. Custom Clothing - CPK is one of the leading suppliers of custom cycling jerseys and team cycle clothing. We are always happy to dicsuss your kit requirements, whether you are looking to top up your current kit stocks, brainstorm a new range of branded cycling wear, or just looking for an overhaul of your existing team kit.... its your kit, your way! 

2. Pella cycling clothing - The stunning Italian designed and made Pella clothing lines include stylish and unique license branded cycle wear that will really set you apart from the crowd. Furthermore Pella Sportswear's innovative fabric and pad technologies will keep you training, commuting and racing in comfort!

3. Hersh Bikes - New to the UK for 2014, CPK is proud to offer these fantastic quality Italian made bikes. Road, Mtb, triathlon or city slick bikes are all available, the no compromise quality approach combined with the unbeatable prices makes Hersh the choice for winners!

Visiting any of these events and trade shows? please do come and say hello... we are a freindly bunch and enjoy nothing more than a coffee and a chat!

See you soon and happy cycling!

PELLA Sportswear ERGO PRO pad

The Pro Ergo pad from Pella sportswear, a revolutionay pad featuring a patented fabric and 'skiving' technology. Skiving elimates the traditional surface steps and layers while the fabric incoporates natural substances that when activated through contact with the users skin release anti imflammatory substances. These features significantly reduce friction and a discomfort at the crtical pressure points.

The Skyve Pro pad will be featuring in the Pure made in Italy range topping ERGO line while it will also be available as an optional extra on the custom products.

London Bike Show 2013

January saw the CPK return to the London Bike Show armed with some new and exciting products with Pella Sportswear. A new line of cycling clothing available for retail and public sale was made available. Known as the Pure made in Italy range, the high quality cycling clothing produced with the years of expertise from Pella proved to be very popular. However this range is not limited to the typical Italian branded cycling clothing but included some very famous and exciting brands with the likes of: Cinzano, Sparco, Cynar, Aperol and Edelweiss. Each of the brands with their own story within the history of cycling.


Sparco - The world's most famous motorsport brand has licensed their own line of cycling clothing to be produced exclusively by Pella, the range is currently being developed and will be available late 2013.


Cinzano - Made famous in the 1980's with the Cinzano cycling team and of course the Oscar winning move Breaking Away. This range of jerseys and shorts provides a slice of cycling history with a twist of modern garment technology, although a vintage wool version of the jersey is also available. Check out this great article from Wheelsuckers on the Pella Cinzano cycling clothing range. Cinzano Cycling Jerseys


Cynar - A popular appertif on the continent and part of cycling history with the famous Cynar cycling team from the 60s, again Pella have produced vintage wool and modern reproductions of the original designed Cynar team jersey.

Edelweiss - A rather different story to the other brands but non the less a great one. As the Tour de France is known for the yellow jersey the Giro d'Italia is known for the pink, however the Pink cycling jersey wasnt the only famous colour during the 40s. A black jersey was introduced for the last riders in the race as it was considered more important to finish the race than pull out. This jersey became so popular that teams fought to gain it and numerous tales of riders finding ways to finish last have been told. Pella Sportswear bought the license to recreate this cycling jersey and will be offering it in the original Team Edlewiss design (the notorious black jersey holders).

The London Bike Show 2013The Licensed range from Pella

Eurobike 2012 - Pella Sportswear

Pella ‘Ergo’ line - The Pro Range

Ever wondered why the so called pro range is more expensive and is it any better - well here’s the answer...

Pella’s ‘Pro’ range is named the ergo line or ergonomic line where ergonomics can be defined as the scientific study of understanding the interactions among humans and other elements. In this case this refers to refining cycling wear to provide the best fit and ultimately comfort for the widest range of users. And this is exactly what Pella have done, they have researched and developed using pro riders, customer feedback and scientific data to refine the fit and style of their products. The ergonomics don’t just stop at the shape or cut of the garments, but also the fabrics. The fabric choice plays a huge role in defining comfort and fit.

Pella has been working with the local university in Biella (Italy) in order to refine the fabric selection, garment cut and fit. The picture below shows pro TDF ride Jose Rujano testing the Ergo line in the laboratory, several sensors are attached to him to continually measure his body temperature. The gathered data allows Pella to compare fabrics and garment cuts in order to select the most efficient fabric choice for particular areas of the body. In this case it isn’t just choosing one fabric but refining several fabrics for each section of the torso.

The Pella Ergo Line testing


As you can seen not only does the customer feedback and the pro rider testing define the pro the scientific study of the fabrics and comfort. The Pella Ergo range really is deserving of its name so why not check out the custom pro cycling jerseys or pro cycling bib shorts.

New ‘Made in Italy’ cycling range

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering the exclusive ‘Made in Italy’ line from Pella. This cycling clothing line is available for retail, so now you can have the same quality, fit and style in our non custom line.

We are offering a range to include: Jerseys, shorts, our award winning tights, arm/leg warmers, gloves, socks and much more!.... all available for next day delivery

Cycling Clothing


Bib Tight review in 220 Triathlon Magazine

A great start with our first product review in 220 triathlon magazine on our custom cycling bib tights receiving the Best Buy award and the highest rating on group test of 91%. More info soon.....

Our bib tights are also available to purchase in a non custom range check them out here... cycling bib tights.

Custom cycling bib tights with 220 Triathlon Best Buy Award

The London Bike Show 2012

"Custom Cycling Jerseys" href="http://www.customperformancekit.co.uk/cycling/custom-cycling-jerseys.html

CPK will attend the London Bike Show 2012

Custom Performance Kit will be kicking off 2012 displaying our range of custom cycling jerseys from Pella at the London bike show in January.

We are giving some lucky people the chance to win free tickets to the show... which doesn't just include the bike show, but the Outdoors show, the Boat show and the travel show!!

We will be displaying our full range of 2012 custom cycling range so it offers a great opportunity to browse the range and meet the team.

We are also pleased to anounce that a special guest will be present for the weekend, check back soon for more info......