Pella Sportswear

Pella Sportswear


Custom Performance Kit is the official UK distributor to Pella Snc of Italy.

Pella Sportswear was founded in 1980 by the passion of people who still are at the top, 30 years of history characterised by commitment and seriousness in which we always pointed at the "Made in Italy 'craftsmanship, synonymous of style, meticulous care in details, constant updating of the cuts, creativity and innovation. Pella is now organised and coordinated a reality that can count on competent employees, that follow the products, from the research of yarns, weaving, graphic designs to the study, development of computer models, the release and transfer of transfer papers on fabric.

Pella Sportswear is a registered trademark that produces exclusively in Italy in the modern plant in Valdengo (BI), consolidating each year its share of the market with over 60% of turnover exported. The company aims to face the future with the same professionalism that has characterized in recent years are testimony to the teams and champions who continue to trust the brand enriching prestigious achievements.

Now CPK brings this professionalism, passion and quality to the UK with the stunning collection of sportswear for cycling, running, triathlon and swimming.

Fabrics and Manufacturing

Pella produces and sources entirely from Italy which includes: the technical fabrics, zips, pads, machinery and even the inks used to print. The range is carefully crafted in single factory in Valdengo northern Italy, this approach ensures complete manufacturing control resulting in high quality standards and shorter lead times.

The Process

1. Following approval of artwork and sizing the computer designs are sent to the printing machine

2. A large printer prints out the design of each panel onto special paper (The inks used unlike many of our competitors are water based and contain no solvents or chemicals)

3. These large sheets of paper are left to dry.

4. The chosen fabric and printed paper are fed into a large press at temperature of around 200 degrees Celsius. This is when the ink and essentially the design is transferred into the fabric.

5. The large sheets of printed fabric are fed onto an automated cutting process, at this stage each panel is automatically labelled before then being carefully cut out. At this stage we have printed fabric panels that make up arms, legs, front or back panels.

6. With the panels already labelled they can be quickly matched up before sewing begins.

7. Panels are sewn and zips and pockets are attached.

8. Each garment undergoes a quality control check.

9. The garments are carefully folded and packed

10. The products leave the factory and make their way to the customer.

Custom Line

We are able to offer an extensive range of custom sportswear clothing from Pella including custom cycling jerseys , cycling clothing, triathlon, running and rowing kit. Please visit the relevant links along the menu bar at the top of the page to find out more.

Pure made in Italy line

As of 2013/2014 Pella sportswear is offering a full range of cycling clothing referred to as the 'Pure made in Italy' range. Building on the experience of developing and producing high quality and innovative garments, a full range to include jerseys, shorts, jackets as well as an extensive selection of accessories will be available.